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About the Freeze Bullying Cup

WHEN: July 18, 2020
WHERE: Dayton, Ohio
FEES: $250/team
APPLICATION DEADLINE: Wednesday, Jul 1, 2020
PAY TO: Warrior Soccer Club; Freeze Bullying Cup, ATTN: SELECTION COMMITTEE, P.O. BOX 24232, DAYTON, OHIO 45424
Credit Cards Accepted for Application Fees

Since 1982 the Warrior Soccer Club has embraced the Community and our love of the game. Staying true to our traditions, the Warrior Soccer Club continually looks at ways to enhance our Community on and off the field. This is achieved by partnering with organizations or to support causes that can make a positive impact. One of our first teams, the ‘74 Warriors were the beginning of this tradition.

In 2016, Payton Freeze’s life was cut short by the effects of bullying, exacerbated by traumatic brain injury. She loved life, but in the end, the bullying was too much for her heart to handle. Soon after, Payton’s Father, a ‘74 Warrior Alumni, formed Payton’s Project to make sure that no one else is made to feel the way that Payton did and that no other family or Community should have to deal with the tragic effects that Bullying, in all forms, can cause.

Payton’s Project maintains “Payton’s Peers”, a support group and model framework for our youth focused on their Mental Wellness. They finance an ongoing college scholarship program for outstanding students who have persevered while experiencing bullying/cyberbullying, and for those who have demonstrated efforts to “Freeze Bullying and Cyberbullying” in their schools and communities. Their goal is to award Twenty $1000 College Scholarships each year nationally. They also work tirelessly urging legislators to pass “Payton’s Law,” a series of measures to strengthen current anti-bullying laws to offer better protections and improved resources.

The Warrior Soccer Club is excited to host the Freeze Bullying Cup to support such a worthy organization, and continue to be a part of our player community, past and present.

Please join us July 18, 2020 to celebrate the game we love and to help Freeze Bullying forever.


Freeze Bullying Cup
P.O. Box 24232 Huber Heights, OH 45424 (937) 233-7958
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